Investments in “Future Forest” aims to improve watershed health

Forests in northern Arizona are the lifeblood of SRP’s water supply.

Too many of Arizona’s forests are overcrowded and at risk of catastrophic wildfire. Because healthy forests protect the ecosystems and hydrology of the Salt River, Verde River and East Clear Creek watersheds, Salt River Project continues to be at the forefront of efforts to restore healthy forests and ensure cleaner more sustainable water supplies.

SRP has invested with The Nature Conservancy on a forest restoration project aimed at increasing the speed and scale of forest restoration within these vital watersheds. SRP recently announced it will contribute $400,000 over the next four years to The Nature Conservancy’s Future Forest project – a 20,000-acre thinning project near the Flagstaff/Williams area, much of which is located within the Verde River watershed.

The thinning project area will also serve as a "proof of concept" for efficient restoration activities such as a new approach to mapping technology that will reduce the time and red tape required to conduct forest restoration activities.

SRP and The Nature Conservancy have a shared vision that Arizona’s forests are critical to the Valley and state’s water supply. By working together with conservation groups, government entities and other stakeholders we can create strategic partnerships, help deploy innovative technology and introduce business practices that modernize forest restoration methods.