About us

SRP was established in 1903 to coordinate the management of water supplies for shareholders of the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association.

Initially, SRP's focus was on the operation and management of Theodore Roosevelt Dam, the cornerstone of SRP's water supply infrastructure, and the water delivery system comprising the network of canals, laterals and delivery gates in the Salt River Valley.

Over the past 100 years, SRP's expertise has grown into the conjunctive management of the 13,000-square-mile Salt River and Verde River watersheds that produce SRP's surface water supplies; seven dams and reservoirs; more than 260 groundwater wells; three water-banking projects; and a vast electric generation, transmission and distribution system spanning multiple states to serve a 2,900-square-mile electric and 375-square-mile water service area in central Arizona.

SRP strives to protect the water rights of its shareholder while also protecting the Salt and Verde river watersheds in a way that benefits all of those who depend on these rivers.

This includes conducting research, working on watershed restoration efforts, and collaborating with water users and communities across the state.

WatershedConnection.com, a website launched by SRP in 2017 to replace WatershedMonitor.com, is an extension of those efforts.

In addition to providing real-time data about hydrological and meteorological conditions, WatershedConnection.com provides information about important efforts to protect and preserve the watersheds in perpetuity for all water users.