Trees for Change and reforestation efforts

SRP customers fund restoration of fire-damaged forests on the Salt and Verde river watersheds through a monthly, voluntary contribution of $3–$12 on their monthly electricity bills.

We match those contributions up to $200,000 annually. This work is done in addition to our work with the Northern Arizona Forest Fund in supporting major wildland restoration projects in Arizona.

Since the program's inception in 2011, 868,000 trees have been planted and more than 5,000 acres of land have been reforested.

Trees for Change is a critical component in protecting the health of our forests and preserving water quality. Lands devastated by fire are extremely susceptible to rapid erosion, which contaminates rivers with sediment and other debris.

Filtering water choked with ash can be expensive and, in some case, almost impossible.

Reforestation projects help to stem the rate of erosion and create a benefit for all Salt and Verde river water users.

In addition, these efforts help preserve forest land for future generations and reestablish habitat for native and endangered species.

Additional information about SRP's efforts to restore the state's forests is available.